For years, many people have criticized the world of superhero comics, movies, and books because they do not portray women in a positive light. If you want to enjoy content that is based on superheroes but highlights strong women rather than treating them as tools, look no further than Stargirl, a new show from DC Comics.

1. What’s the Deal With Stargirl?

Although Stargirl’s newest show came out on May 18, 2020, she is not a new character. She was first used in comics in 1999, and since then, artists featured her in other shows and books. However, the new show, with Geoff Johns as the executive producer, puts the spotlight on this female superhero for the first time. Additionally, this show takes place within DC’s existing superhero universe, so other characters such as Hourman are featured as well. While complete knowledge of the DC superhero canon is not necessary to enjoy this show, it certainly helps.

2. What Does Season 1 Look Like?

The first season of Stargirl has already been released, and there are thirteen episodes. The show stars Brec Bassinger as the title character, who also goes by the name Courtney Whitmore. As the stepdaughter of Starman’s aide, Courtney Whitmore must cope with her double life as both an heir to the Justice Society of America and an average high schooler. Her superpowers include flight, increased strength, and control over shooting stars, although she does not have these talents unless she is wearing the Cosmic Converter Belt. She also uses a staff that used to belong to Starman and that gives her even more superpowers. However, she is also a model of real-life skills and talents, including her empathy and tendency to care for other people.

3. What Does the Future Hold for Stargirl?

Most details about Stargirl’s future are still unknown. However, the show has been confirmed for a second season, so fans will not have to wait too long to see how her story unfolds. It is likely that the next season will include more tie-ins to fan-favorite superheroes from the DC extended universe.

If you’re sick of watching superhero movies that objectify women or overlook their contributions to society, step back from the blockbusters. Once you explore the often-overlooked world of books and TV shows, you’ll find plenty of strong women to look up to. Then, make time in your schedule to add Stargirl to your list of inspiring heroes.

Tiana Rex